HHS GCP Read-It-Forward School Vacation Read-a-thon!


Are you a reader? Well then why not read it forward?
Announcing…Hingham’s “Read it Forward” SCHOOL VACATION READ-A-THON! 
What: Students choose a book (or books!) to read over December vacation, and find friends and family members to sponsor them a pledged amount of money per page.
Why: All proceeds go towards our efforts to raise money for “READ Global”, a non-profit organization dedicated to building libraries and developing library programs in rural South Asia.
When: Read over December vacation. Collect your pledges after the break, and make the donation online in January.
How: Pick up a pledge form at your school library, it includes all the information you need.
You can also visit this page to get more info and to download a pledge form: https://docs.google.com/a/hinghamschools.org/document/d/1e2yIQLga1515fvMU1G5sL4Rba6MbjlQ9ErA-47oglsY/edit
Happy Reading!

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