Fall 2016 Portfolio Deadlines

Any senior applying to college should remember that your GCP Certificate status will not appear on your transcript until your portfolio has been approved. Keep these dates in mind as you are planning your college applications. Remember that even after you submit your portfolio, your advisor may require revisions before the portfolio is approved. Reach out to your GCP advisor if you have any questions. I’ve also attached this year’s GCP Manual with all dates and instructions for portfolios. You can view sample portfolios at GCP’s website. Full description of portfolio requirements can be found in the GCP Manual here. (Note: Mrs. Pollard’s advisory is now under Mr. Griffin’s leadership. His email is ggriffin@hinghamschools.org)
-Portfolios submitted on or before 9/23 will be evaluated by 9/30
-Portfolios submitted on or before 10/7 will be evaluated by 10/21
-Portfolios submitted on or before 10/31 will be evaluated by 11/7.
-Portfolios submitted on or before 11/28 will be evaluated by 12/9.
-Portfolios submitted after 11/30 will take approximately 2 weeks for evaluation.
-No portfolios accepted after March 1 without special arrangement with your advisor.

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