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The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) promotes global competence, a key twenty-first century skill, in Hingham High School students. Through interdisciplinary academic study, community service and international travel, participants increase their global awareness, heighten their appreciation of diversity, and enlarge their capacity to work and contribute in an increasingly interconnected world.


There are two related branches of the GCP: the GCP Club and the GCP Certificate Program.

The GCP Club is open to all students at HinghamHigh School interested in global competence and awareness. The GCP Club offers social, educational, and service activities that promote global competence and furthers the mission of the entire GCP. GCP Club meets once per month and offers an array of globally-themed activities each month. All Hingham High students are welcome to help plan and carry out GCP club activities and events.

The GCP Certificate Program is an application-based program with specific requirements (see below). Students in the Certificate Program are required to participate in the GCP Club. Students who are only in the GCP Club may also choose to apply to the certificate program; participation in the club will be a factor in the admission process for a Certificate Candidate. The GCP Club and Certificate Program are intricately connected in terms of social activities, leadership, vision, and purpose; however, the Certificate Program demands a higher level of commitment and involvement from accepted students in addition to other academic and extracurricular activities.



 GCP Certificate students will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency and confidence in a second language
  • Attain knowledge of – and show an appreciation for – cultural differences
  • Examine contemporary issues from multiple perspectives
  • Engage in community service with open-mindedness and humility
  • Contribute with energy and spirit to the GCP community of learners
  • Share their expertise and enthusiasm with the broader Hingham community
  • Actively promote global understanding and the peaceful resolution of conflicts
  • Achieve personal growth through reflection
  • Strive to realize their full potential to lead as global citizens

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  1. Hi,
    as an older Hingham High Exchange student, I thing it’s great to have a club like yours. If you are interessed in depating some intrnational Issues I, as a german AFSer (77 /78) would be happy to discuss with you. So Interested than contact me!

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